copland wakefield

A little history of the Wakefield International Cup, the first international trophy for aeromodelling competition. The history of the Cup can be traced back to the Wakefield Gold Cup presented by the then Sir Charles Wakefield in 1911 for a competition held at Crystal Palace, England. World War I intervened and this trophy was lost, but not forgotten. In 1927 the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers (SMAE) approached Lord Wakefield concerning the Cup and were offered a new trophy for international competition. This trophy was the present Wakefield International Cup and was first awarded at a competition in 1928. The SMAE developed the international competition up to 1951 when it was handed to the authority of the FAI and became the award for the rubber power category at the FAI World Free Flight Championships. 

1936 wakefield winner

all american rubber model


chatelin old time wakefield

cleopatra 46

colibri wakefield

copland wakefield

falcon 1928

gundy guy 42inch

half jaguar



judge for yourself

judge wakefield

korda 25

korda 1939 wakefield winner

korda dethermalizer

m boss 1935 wakefield

mayfly II

milton special

new look


squirk 44 inch

super cloud


The whoopee

topsy 1951




xl-58 C

zombie half wakefield