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peanut scale

electric & co2

golden age civil/air racing

modern civil

towline gliders

catapult & hand launched gliders

Jets (Rapier, Jetex, Ducted Fan IC,
Electric Ducted Fan) Rubber Powered

world war i

between the wars

world war II

post wwii aircraft

Sport Models 10" to 19" Wing Span

sport models 20" to 29" span

sport models 30" to 39" span

p-30 models

air racers 1949 to present

rise off ground (rog)

transport planes

wakefield models

legal eagle plans

joe ott/ace whitman plans

house of frog

keil kraft models

megow flying models

veron models

deathtrap squadron plans

sterling models

Dimescale 16" span

mooney plan bag #6

no-cal plans

mike nassise plans

Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka