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MIKE KELLY'S MODELS33 Corsairs at Geneseo Small




MEMBERS MODELS PG1  PG2  PG3  PG4  PG5  PG7  PG8  PG9  PG 10  PG11  PG12

0115 Completed Left Rear  0115 Completed Right Front High  GH014064 4 Cropped


0210 C22J with Symposium Article  0210 C22J with Symposium Cover  0218 C22J in Grass 


0208 Red Head On  0210 At Field Left Rear Low 2  0210 Big Butterfly In Flight 5 


0215 Broussard Launch 001  0228 Broussard with Tailspin Newsletter 3  0228 Left Front Low 2


0325 Sportster in Sun Front Right Low  GH014923 Cropped  0325 Sportster in Sun Right Side 2 


Mike's comment on this plane:  BTW, that model flew away at Gainesville the end of April.  Came off the table into a boomer thermal and just disappeared into the clear blue sky!  There's a short video of the final takeoff in my stuff on YouTube. 

0612 At Field Right Front Low  0612 At Field Right Rear High  0612 Fike Launch 


0723 Small Left Front  0723 Small Dead Astern  0723 Small Left Rear 2 


0802 Completed Left Front High 2  0803 Field Rear Right Low 2 001 


0612 Finished Left Front on Rail  0613 Lark At Sunset Right Side Low 


0710 With Box and Plan 1  0710 Left Front Low Closeup  0514 Bones with Prop 2


0923 W W Finished Left Front  0923 W W Finished Right Front Prop Blur  0923 W W Finished Right Rear 


0426 Ready To Fly Rear Quarter 001  1216 Finished with Article  1217 at Field 


1001 Finished DL Prop Left Front Low  1002 Right Rear High 2  1001 Finished DL Prop Right Side High


1119 Left Front Low  1117 Windindicator with FM Cover 2 001  1119 Left Rear High


1221 Desk Kit Leftovers  1221 Rear Left  1221 Right Front


1229 At Field Left Front High  1229 Arbalete In Flight  1229 At Field Left Front Low



  181110 TSC WWII ML Round 2 Launch  31 Complete Left Front High Small


201023 Small On Deck Left Front Low    201023 Small On Deck Left Rear High Alex 


211019 Waco C7 Left Front Small 001    211019 Waco C7 Right Rear Small 001211023_Waco_C7_In_Flight_001.jpg



Sky Rocket III mkelly2  Sky Rocket III mkelly3

                                                                                                                  SKY ROCKET III VOLARE KIT, MKELLY

xb42 mixmaster bones weiss mkelly2  xb42 mixmaster bones weiss mkelly3 

                                                                    HK Weiss "Minute Model" of the XB-42 Mixmaster BY MKELLY


 MEMBERS MODELS PG1  PG2  PG3  PG4  PG5 PG7  PG8  PG9  PG 10 PG11  PG12