Edmund Sparmann 1926

Edmund Ernst Karl Sparmann
Edmund EK Sparmann was born in Vienna and began construction of his firm aircraft - a Blériot XI copy - in Dec 1910. Sparmann's interest was in both airframes and aero-engines (coming to possess a number of patents on the latter subject). In 1914, he became a pilot in the k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppen reserve. Although a serving officer, Sparmann was also detailed to work for kuk FLT suppliers - Jakob Lohner & Co in 1914 and the Albatros-Werke GmbH in 1915. Returned from the Eastern Front and recuperating from illness, in May 1916 Sparmann was assigned to the Phönix-Flugzeugwerke - initially for quality assurance checks. Working with Leo Kirste, Dipl-Ing Sparmann later worked to improve the flight characteristics of the Phönix D.I - developing the 'Sparmann Wing' used on most following Phönix designs -- including the Phönix D.II and D.III. The latter aircraft took Sparmann on a post-war sales tour to Sweden. Sparmann elected to remain in Sweden and was hired by AB Enoch Thulins Aeroplansfabrik as a test pilot. When AETA failed, Sparmann joined Gösta Fraenkel to form Nordiska Phönix AB at Göteborg. As Nordiska's Engineer and Technical Head, Sparmann was to which was to build Phönix developments in Sweden. There, Sparmann designed the Phönix C.I-derived 'Dront' multi-purpose aircraft and the D.III-derived 'Phönixjagaren' fighter. In 1925, Edmund Sparmann took out Swedish citizenship and was offered a position at the newly-formed Flygvapnet's CFM (Centrala Flygverkstaden Malmslätt/Central Air Workshop, Malmslätt). Beginning in 1926, Sparmann was an engineer/test pilot with the CFM's Flygstyrelsen (Aerospace Agency). He remained with CFM until 1932. In 1932, Sparmann established his own design office at Lilla Essingen, Stockholm. Sparmanns Flygverkstad (Sparmann's Workshop) produced at least 5 distinct designs but only one - the S 1 Sparmannjagar - was produced in any volume. In Aug 1937, the newly-formed Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (SAAB) bought Sparmanns Flygverkstad "to get access to the company's competence."

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